Explore a world of wonderment

Films will be streaming from all over the world, depicting a variety of sensual, educational and passionate expressions of eros

Sacredness, Sexuality & Embodied Authenticity

With so much erotic content devoid of deeply embodied consent and beauty, we’ve curated an experience where only consenting, authentic expressions of love, intimacy and eroticism are celebrated.

We are delighted to showcase films from all over the world, celebrating artists, film makers, performers and facilitators who work in the realms of sacredness, sexuality and embodied authenticity.

We are committed to the inclusion of all people in our festival

Curated with intention

Explore embodied and consensual art, amateur and professional films and some of the worlds best creators expressing intimacy and eroticism through moving image. Join us in dialogue and experiential virtual erotic art, and enjoy the beauty of erotic film created and curated with intention.

2023 Film Submissions Open


Our Beginnings

Founded in 2019 in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, EROTICA began as a unique, boutique one-night-only extravaganza of erotic art, performance and short film before emerging as an online festival of consensual, authentic and beautiful erotic film.

Weaving sexuality, sensuality and sacredness through film, we bring Eros and Art, viewer and expression, community together.

With a strong emphasis on supporting artists and film makers, we actively support many emerging and established creatives with opportunities and financial support. Find out how you can Partner with us and provide support here

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