How to be more authentic in bed

There are so many things that can get in the way of having a great intimate experience. We’ve shared some of our simple go-to’s to being more authentic in the bedroom

  1. Slow down & let go of expectation

    Seems easy but in a world that’s all rush-rush-rush this simple practice will change-your-life and how experience sex and intimacy. Slowing down means no more hiding, it helps authentic expression come to the surface and your feelings to be truly felt. So, no more hiding who you really are, let yourself feel everything.

  2. Breathe.

    Take some breaths to come into your own body first then connect with your partner with touch, eye contact and without too much force.. see if you can find a unified breathing pattern that feels natural and connected.

  3. Be curious

    Approach yourself and your lover like you’ve never experienced a human body before. Find awe and wonder for each inch of flesh, each breath, moment and movement. The human body is the original wonder of the world.

  4. Don’t judge

    Letting go of self criticism or shame can free your authentic expression. When there’s no right or wrong, then all you’re left with is whats real.

  5. Have fun.

    Yes, fun … it’s a turn on ? And being authentic doesn’t mean you can’t turn up the volume to communicate your pleasure more playfully. Create role play, act out your desires and fantasies. If its authentic.. then it can only mean one thing – MORE pleasure! Because your partner knows what you actually like!

  6. Selfishly claim your own pleasure.

    Being witnessed in your own unapologetic, uncensored pleasure is THE ultimate experience of authentic love making. This shift in perception can unlock a new level of authenticity, when you give yourself full permission to focus entirely on your own pleasure.