According to mythology Eros is the Greek god of love, sex and desire (Roman counterpoint is Cupid)

In some texts is an original Primordial God born from Chaos, in others the offspring of Aphrodite & Ares (love & war)

The siblings of Eros are the energetic qualities of harmony (harmonia), fear (phobos) & dread (daimos) as well as other less known siblings and demi-god relatives, while the lover of Eros is Psyche. Interestingly many relatives of the God Eros all speak into the sexuality concepts that exist today, think Hermaphrodite.

Eros is a concept in ancient Greek philosophy referring to sensual or passionate love; the term “eroticis derived from Eros


According to Plato, EROS is an idealist concept where physical attraction is not a necessary component of eros

He also posited that eros could be diverted to philosophy (inclusive of mathematical, ethical and ascetical training), rather than dissipated in sexuality for the purpose of using erotic energy as a vehicle for the transformation of consciousness, and union with the Divine

Plato describes eros as “a universal force that moves all things towards peace, perfection and divinity”


Defining Eros


including sexual energy, arousal, lustfulness, desire, impulse and intution

life force

including physical action, sound expression, vocal expression, facial expression, body movement


Cultivating Eros takes time and a sense of devotion to oneself, use these questions as a guide to open eros within and share then with the people you love

  • what is Eros according to you?
  • how and where does your life force move?
  • what are your dreams and desires for your life?
  • what ignites your interest and passion?