Desire ability


This documentary explores the life of a man with multiple disabilities, as he discusses his approach to sexuality and romance; focusing on his desire for a genuine partner, as opposed to a carer, a martyr or somebody “doing him a favour”.

Davo Hardy ~ Australia

Categories: Art/Abstract




I have been close friends with Matthew for 10 years, as of mid 2023, and we have made a couple of films together; notably “Aaron’s Consent” and his appearance in my third feature “A Silent Agreement”. This documentary was Matt’s idea, to empower himself as a profoundly deaf man with cerebral palsy, living with his disabilities under an unshakably optimistic attitude towards life, love and himself. I have always found him very inspiring and I figured it was time to showcase his story, at last.


Davo Hardy is a film director and writer from Sydney, Australia. He is an auteur of confronting and cerebral independent films, garnering international acclaim for his topical Public Eye (2021) and his quirky, naturist-themed short, Complex (2014). In 2017, he produced A Silent Agreement (2017); the first Australian film to feature Auslan with authentic, profoundly deaf characters. Known for his coming-of-age dramas, such as his debut feature The Lives We Lead (2015), Davo continues to explore heavy subject matter with deep academic research, while independently distributing and streaming his catalogue of work through

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