Erotic Film Dirty Mind

Dirty Minds

‘Dirty Mind’ captures the essence of seduction and sensual freedom whilst eroticising devotion and care. The shower serves as both a literal and symbolic canvas for the exploration of erotic innocence. Every droplet of water and every touch is an intricate dance of desire and passion. It’s a celebration of feminine strength, beauty, sensuality and the multi faceted nature of women.

Kirilly Tipping, Tani Khaleesi ~ Australia

Categories: EXPLICIT



We inspire insatiable women to explore the intricacies of pleasure through artful depictions of slow, subtle seduction. ‘Saphique’ is a female lead platform with a vision to set a new standard in sensual media through a feminine lens.


Kirilly Tipping and Tani Khaleesi are the co founders of Saphique with a shared passion for creating Erotica for women. The Directors of Dirty Mind are passionate about capturing the intricate nuances of intimacy, to slowly seduce viewers and inspire them to explore the subtleties of pleasure and connection.

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