Fuck Yourself

“Women can’t masturbate. Not at all. When women masturbate in porn, they do it for him. They do it for his pleasure, his arousal. Traditional porn is for men. When she masturbates, a lot is going on, but the orgasm is for sure not dedicated to her own desire and lust. She fucks herself for hm / us. The viewer. Her orgasm is not neutral, it’s a performance of gender. Her orgasm is a serving one. This film is different. Our female character is masturbating for herself, her lust and her desire. We the viewer witness this moment of solitary and are invited to ask ourselves as well: When was the last time you truly “fucked yourself”?

This film should encourage people – despite gender expectations and sexual orientation – to masturbate for themselves. To literally “fuck yourself”. Fuck you, fuck the viewer. Go home and take a moment of self-care and discovery. It is a moment of true empowerment in bed.

Bernadette Belu ~ Germany

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