help me fix my crown

Help Me Fix My Crown

“Help Me Fix My Crown” is a short art film about a group of supportive femmes laying hands and performing love and acceptance rituals over the body of Rayne Meadows, a non binary femme sex worker. After a traumatic time in the industry Rayne got to come back on their own terms and got to fall in love with themselves all over again. A healing meditative ritual film.

Bella Vendetta ~ United States

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This short film was created on a group photoshoot day on iconic Mount Greylock. This group or talented art models who were all so different from each other yet so alike, got together to do some individual photoshoots in the water, before indulging my vision to create this film together.

The film’s star, Rayne Meadows is seen in a healing ritual where femmes adorn their body with sacred oils, flowers and lay hands. It is a visual ode to healing and the power of community.


Bella Vendetta has spent more than 20 years in front of a camera as an art model and performer, before beginning her own production company and releasing films under Beautiful Revenge Productions. A still photographer, writer and filmmaker hailing from Western Massachusetts, her New England location often informs her work. Bella’s artworks have appeared in print internationally, on television, in Universities, in galleries and online.

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