of dionysus

Of Dionysus

Of Dionysus is about the experience of creating new life. The experimental drama film is arranged by intercutting four vignettes: Abraham returns to a familiar place to face his former employer, Michael; Mariella and Emily meet after a college class to hang out; Maria and Joseph have a big decision to make only weeks before their wedding; and a mysterious god-figure creates all life on earth.

“Scott Giameo’s Ambitious and Powerful Debut Film” Of Dionysus began principal photography in 2016, filming in Madison, Passaic & Roselle Park, NJ. Edited over and over again over the last 5 years.
All original music by Kevin McDaniel & Dan O’Hara

In Loving Memory: Jim Morrison, Wilbur O’Hara, Pelligrino Giameo

Scott Giameo ~ United States

Categories: Art/Abstract



Scott Giameo is a Gaffer, Grip, and Electrician on major New York commercials, music videos, and series. After years of lighting other people’s films he took to the directors chair with his debut short film, Of Dionysus. Scott finds inspiration in trees, photography, and the collaborative process in film/music production. He lives in Bloomfield, New Jersey with his muse, Dorothy and their dog Basil.

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