Spiralling Into Desire

The Desire Project explores how we hold desire in our body. Of the firm belief that reclaiming and having agency around our desire is a path towards true empowerment, the project invites us to imagine what is possible for the community when eros is equally prioritised as logos.

The latest iteration of the Desire project is a Movement x Film collaboration titled Spiralling into Desire. This film traces a woman’s descent into her deep body to access and retrieve her true autonomy.
The film also draws parallels from the first epic poem ‘The descent of Innana’ which narrates the story of the Sumerian goddess Innana’s descent into the underworld, to visit her sister Ershikegel – the queen of the dead. Separated, the two sisters represent the Madonna/Whore split, a dangerous consequence of patriarchy. The descent begins the journey towards healing this split.

Roohi Dixit ~ India

Categories: Art/Abstract



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