multiverse in a mouthfuck

The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck

A metaphysical trip of self-awareness, from the seven principles of Hermeticism to the seven keys to master our lives. (Inspired by true fuckts).

Jorge The Obscene ~ Chile

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“I’m an Artist, Therapist and Sex Worker. By exploring Theatre, Dance, Performance, Films, Porn, Reiki, Massages, Tantra, Tarot, Psychomagic – among other disciplines – I have found my vocation. My art has a sexual and therapeutic direction, my therapies an artistic and sexual contemplation, and my sex work a therapeutic and artistic intention. Because the repression of our sexual impulses leads to sickness and frustration; the accomplishment of our fantasies, instead, allows our self-realization.”


Jorge Benavides (a.k.a. JorgeTheObscene) is a Chilean filmmaker and actor—also therapist and sex worker—currently based in Berlin. Since his role in “Solos” (Antonio Da Silva, 2014), started his experimentation in queer porn: as a producer, editor and performer in the short film series “Fuck the Fascism” (by MariaBasura); leading roles in the short-films “Piedad” (by Naya), “Lemon Taste” and “Fisherman” (by Nicky Miller); as well as model for erotic artists, collaborations with PORNCEPTUAL, and appearances in various films. “The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck” (2019) is his first film as script-writer and director.

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