A Sensual Temple – directed & produced by Ilsa Fay, filmed by Ryan and co-created in eros with 18 humans.

An award winning 9 minute piece of art celebrating eros, innocence, vulnerability and play.

This film was intentionally made:

> with consent at each stage of joining the event, filming, production, distribution

> the choice to step out of the experience at any point

> with authentic erotic and sensual expression

> within ritual temple space

> with reverence and devotion to the sensual, consensual and erotic humanity

… and as a counterpoint to non-consensual intimacy & pornography, as a point of beauty and reverence.

Ilsa Fay & Ryan Lee Adams



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Inspired by the vision of seeing a culture of beautiful, ethical and consensual expressions of love, intimacy and sex as the new norm, Ilsa gathered a group of humans, each versed in authentic and strong communication to explore consensual intimacy, boundaries and love-making beyond genitals. Inviting Ryan to film the event and working in a creative environment of trust, creativity and eros. This masterpiece is the seed of a new culture of authentic intimacy to be made widely available.

Ilsa’s deepest desire is to see and help create the normalisation of what true intimacy looks like between people – from joy and pleasure, to grief and vulnerability. Showcasing emotion and normalising sexuality, sensuality and connection in a media environment that has, until this point promoted sexual violence, aggression and a disconnection to the needs, boundaries and desires of the people involved and their bodies. Consensual erotica is the antidote to the old way of intimate relating and shows that explicit content isn’t required to elicit emotion and desire.

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