The first film in the HOMEBOUND series – inspired by archival/collectible erotica of the 20th century and on-demand pleasure.

Filmed in isolation during the 6th lockdown of Melbourne (AUS).

About Adam

Adam is a multi-disciplinary artist who recently completed a Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) with RMIT University. His strip-based performance practice combined with a research practise focused on the intimate body as a site for intervention through the cloth.
In today’s ever changing landscape, Adam emerges as a multi-discipline artist of unrivalled style and sensibility. The magnetic stylings of this boy beauty have been captivating and teasing audiences the world over since his debut in 2012. Adam began his career as a maker, using his background in fashion and theatre to realise the works of others before an opportune moment saw him transcend maker to wearer and performer.

Situating his body as his most valuable instrument, Adam strips layer by layer to reveal a fleshy existence that is empowering by deconstructing common binary conditionings. I am drawn to fashion for its constant renewal of the embodied, clothed experience and its constant reinterpretation of the body. Fashion, as a system , is one that has weaponised the body more and more as a veiled vehicle for transformative discourse.A diverse practice has seen Adam partner with giants such as Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival for a solo curation of his work to feature stories in The Age, The Goethe Institute and The NY Theatre Times. Writer Gina Robilliard describes Adam as “proffering an alternative representation of the Alpha-Male construct that has remained in the shadows of our society unjustifiably”. It is through style, sensuality and sex-pression that Adam has emerged and maintained an alluring force of beauty, love and freedo

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