Poet & Story Teller

PERFORMANCE: Midnight Whispers

A poetry performance lullabied by volcanic desires. As the world recoils, she, the woman, the animal awakens to her veiled ardour. The chthonic nature can no longer be repressed. The whispering secrets turn into words, melody, rhythm as she is witnessed raw and whole.

About Daiane:

Daiane Moret is a mixed-race woman from Rio de Janeiro living in Gadigal Land, Sydney.

Before migrating to Australia, she worked as a psychologist and actress. Dai’s poetry awakens the senses through writing about her personal experiences, internal world and desires. Nothing is left out as she unveils herself through her words.

Dai has performed at the Sydney Writers Festival, Vivid, Melbourne Spoken Word Festival, Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival, Story Week, Mother Tongue. Additionally, she performs at music festivals, poetry events and with the Afro Peruvian jazz band Ally.

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