Your Festival Experience

Our festival will be held from June 10-21, 2023 with all films, live panels, performance pop-ups and open mic nights being on and available during this time.

We’ve extended our festival dates so that you now have 21 days to watch, enjoy, experience and take part in all of our juicy, connected and erotic content.

During this time you may want to connect with other festival participants, share about your experience or feel inspired to share your personal story, erotic fantasies or creative ideas for films, poetry or stories – which is why we’re bringing in a community forum right here, inside the festival.

You’ll be able to connect directly with festival support and other festival participants.

We’ve also listened to your feedback and our festival director, Ilsa, has made a creative direction decision to adjust our categories to be in line with our company values. This year you’ll be able to watch films across 3 new categories: Art & Abstract, Sensual & Explicit

Celebrating eroticism and sexuality goes beyond the superficiality of skin colour, genital configuration and sexual orientation. EROTICA aims to support a culture of intimacy, connection and healthy erotic expression through values of consent & authenticity.

This is what you’ll find and experience this year. Enjoy!

What’s Included

Art & Abstract Films

Art and abstract films to capture the essence of the body, senses and eroticism. Discover new perspectives through the lens of abstract erotic artistry.

Sensual Films

Sensual films to capture the senses, the moments of exquisite beauty and that speak to the core of beauty, sensation and eroticism.

Explicit Films

Explicit films to awaken and activate the erotic core. Explore polarity, hyper sexualisation and a celebration of genital diversity.

Community Forum

Connect and be part of a community of like-minded people from all across the world. Share your stories, experiences and fantasies in this intentionally moderated space.

Live Talk Panels

With panels of industry experts, leaders in embodiment and sexuality, sit in a virtual room with some of the most important conversations about sex, intimacy and relationships.

Open Mic Nights

Calling all poets and amateur pole/burlesque/strip tease artists! This is your unique time to shine through our festival to a new and exciting audience.

What people are saying

“The festival was curated with such beautiful and emotionally and erotically moving films. It was a pleasure watching them.”

— Festival Participant

“The Erotica film festival displayed some of the finest examples of what is possible when art and sex are intertwined.”

— Festival Participant

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