Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be available for the whole period June 10-30?

The short answer is No. All our films will be available for the duration of the festival so you can come and watch them anytime that suits you!

We recommend that you create space if your calendar to enjoy and experience the richness of this embodied content.

Is this a porn site?

EROTICA contains some of the most artistic expressions of intimacy, sex and love. Alongside our focus on consent, intention and artistry within the film selections, we also hold conversations with film makers, performers, artists and producers.

Many of our films are created specifically for our film festival and also star the film makers themselves.

We believe in bringing forward what true intimacy and sensuality can offer the world from a place of deep embodiment. Our categories include, Art/Abstract, Sensual and Explicit – all content is sensual, erotic and art infused.

How long will the films and festival content be available?

Our festival is held over 21 days with all content, films and presentations available during this time.

Can I watch all the films in one day?

Absolutely! We’ve curated the festival so that all the films become available on the first day. You can watch any film, at any time that suits your lifestyle and schedule. Watch it all in one day, or spread it out over the full 21 days! Go with what nourishes you!

What happens if I miss a LIVE presentation?

All our live experiences will be available afterwards as a virtual “on-demand” experience, so if you can’t make the live transmission you can come back to it in your own time.

How long will the recorded content be available?

All content will be available for the duration of the festival.

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