So personal, individual and nuanced, and universal, collective, unified in concept and


Intimacy with ourselves. With another. With others.

At the heart, the depth, the core, what is the essence of Intimacy? I wondered – we all wonder.

What is stirred, awakened, evoked, witnessed in the feeling of Intimacy? I explored – we all explore.

When it is shared, communicated, given, received, how do we know the truth of Intimacy? I desire – we all desire.

Intimacy is discovered in the purity of the moments succumbed to the Connection.

Slow, pulsating, creeping, blooming, exploding, rapid, flowing, infusing, emerging, revealing.

Through our breath and touch, movement and sound, through skin and eyes. Engaged,

immersed, present. All at once emotional, physical, energetic, sensational, stimulating.

In Intimacy, Sex and Love we may do different things with our bodies, or not. Say different words, or not. Feel different things, or not.

Intimacy, Sex, Love may be the same, and they may not.

Does changing the title screen and the music, the exact scenes and players, create something new or do they all hold the same resonance?

When we allow the connection to deeply touch, truly move, organically inspire – the willingness to surrender ourselves to open.”

Intimacy is part of a three film series spanning Sex, Love and Intimacy. Made entirely from stock video and music.

Sarah Ellen Hartwright


The Creation Rites of Women


Obsessed with creation in all its forms, Sarah Ellen loves to create art, ritual magic and opportunities to support women through their powerful initiations and ongoing relationships to motherhood, creativity, sexuality and eroticism, identity, self-expression, power, freedom, intimacy and aliveness.

Sarah Ellen loves exploring how to deeply connect with the heart, body and soul, to align with love over fear, and live an authentic, pleasure filled life through her work as an Artist, Rites of Creation Doula, Women’s Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner & Empowerment Coach.

Especially passionate about redefining deep relating to the experience of life, sex and self from a place of connection and truth, liberated from the imposed restrictions of shame and vulnerability, Sarah Ellen works with other potent leaders in the field of sexuality and empowerment to bring forth a culture of humans who powerfully express their embodied eroticism, creativity and love.

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