Burlesque / Showgirl


My act is titled “Amuse Bouche”, french culinary term meaning ‘mouth amuser’. Artistic expression with food for me preceded all others. One of my earliest memories is drawing a portrait of my father with melted chocolate available to me under my finger tips, on a live television broadcast for a kid’s channel at 3 years old.

Interacting with food has lent itself to me as an important element in my physical theatre explorations and as a release of restrain and following of creative/natural impulse. To my audience’s amusement, and perhaps sometimes not, I present a pretty and attractive character or scene that ultimately leads to an ‘undoing’ in a burst of textures, colours and flavours. I am interested in bringing into focus perhaps things that may not immediately pass or be considered “erotic”. For me erotica is more display of sensuality rather than sexuality, and most of all an act of a liberated joy and play.

About Marija The Romantic

Marija the Romantic is a Melbourne-based performance artist. She is acclaimed for her evocative live explorations of food and erotica, moving through the spectrum of human emotion, teasing and challenging audiences across Australia in unorthodox ways.
Marija’s work seeks to liberate what is trapped, whether it is herself from an outfit, a story from a person, or a well of emotion from a captured audience. She regularly hosts themed life-modelling classes with herself as the subject, and often collaborates with organisations and festivals such as Scratch Arts and Burning Seed.

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