Elaine Yonge

Presenter at EROTICA Film + Online Festival

LECTURE + Workshop: Orgasmic Self Love – Daydream or Reality?

Monday 14th June @ 8pm AEDT / 12pm GMT+3



Orgasmic Self Love – Daydream or Reality?

Monday 14th June @ 8pm AEDT / 12pm GMT+3

We have lost our way in dancing with our own sensual and sexual selves. Society and conditioning have shamed us, misinformed us, made us codependent on others for pleasure, and have distorted our view of and our capacity to be free and independent in our natural, healthy self-love and self-arousal.

Orgasmic Self Love inspired by Orgasmic Yoga Practice (OYP) is a practice to change and deepen your relationship to your sensual/sexual self. I will begin by shining a light on why self love and sexual self pleasuring/masturbation can be a tricky & challenging. So, what we can we do to change things?

What is OYP?

• Mindful Masturbation/Self pleasuring

• Somatic & Erotic embodiment practice

• Regulating up & down – breath , movement, sound, arousal

• Interest excitement & enjoyment/ bliss

• Weaves together heart & genitals

• Free of fantasy

• Breaks old patterns

• Self empowering & independent

How can I change my patterns? Why might I want to?

There are many why – more pleasure, better mental & physical health, better immunity, self-empowerment and less sexual co-dependency. Erotic Orgasmic Self love is powerful and sets a strong foundation for more explorative and fulfilling sexual connections with others. Be your own best lover ….and then share with others from this place of abundance, is such a different energy from connecting with others out of need and scarcity. T

his OYP practice allows you to reclaim, generate and orchestrate your own erotic energy using breath, sound, movement, neuro-scrambling sensation play, genital activation, visualisation meditation, somatic massage, intention and then crucially learning how to move this energy around the entire body. We are beings capable of ecstatic expansive pleasure, if we allow ourselves to be so.

This session will be a combination of talk and practical experiences. Weaving discussion, education, meditation and experiential learning. We will explore all of the above in a clothed setting and you will have the opportunity to practice. If flow and time allows, we will dive into male and female genital anatomy and genital touch massage techniques and share a short guided practice session together.

This session will be clothed, you can take part to the level that feels good for you. Please have a place to sit, to stand and to lie down.

This is a fully clothed 90-120 minutes experience – book your festival pass here

About Elaine:

My journey has involved a life long fascination and inquiry into awareness, purpose, the human condition, love, sexuality, spiritual connection, soul wisdom, expansion, learning, unlearning, meditation, physiology, health, disease, exploring aliveness, death and grief.

10 years ago a crushing grief event changed everything and led me to this ‘work’.

I am a Group Facilitator, Educator, One to One Coach, Guide, Energy & Bodyworker in the fields of Sacred Sexuality & Somatic Sexology, Shamanism, Consciousness, Embodiment & Tantric Influences.

I enjoy being an alchemist of modalities & traditions. Some of those influences are related to my training as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker / Somatic Sex Educator & Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. Combined with 20 years in clinical practice as a medical scientist.

I am a member of the Lead Faculty of The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). ISTA is a modern day mystery school with deep roots in exploring sexuality, and other aspects of our humanness, as a route to reconnecting with personal power, authenticity & freedom.

My passion lies in integrating sexuality, emotionality, & spirituality via body, mind and soul energies. I have a deep focus on self love, self connection, sexual self-responsibility and from there having access to a more expansive & authentic sexuality to share with others. I enjoy educating, sharing practical information & skills & offering ritual spaces to support the fullness eros & live force.

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