Poetry/Story telling

PERFORMANCE: I’m Still Feeling It

A wormhole into a place, a place of real pain and pleasure.

*Trigger warning – sexual and emotional abuse

About Sam Petersen

Hi, my name is Sam.

Born in the early 80s, I have mousey brown hair and fair skin. I’m an AAC and power wheelchair user. 

I’m a disabled, queer, dyslexic, nerdy person. You/your. I don’t go by any pronouns. Deal with it.

I am a visual artist, writer and performer.

I’m interested in what can be done with one’s identity and the space around it. Both my body and mind, touching everyday feelings between the rational, the playful and the political.

Of course, this is often to do with my disability and my sexuality. My work has been focused on access, and the lack of it — to places, people’s minds and opportunities.

I find plasticine is a great subverter of space and potentially of people’s minds. And the continued flexibility of it is something I am really enjoying — covering or filling up gaps and playing with crevices.

I also use words, which I call rants, alongside my visual practice and as stand alone works.

I also do some disability advocacy work that isn’t related to my art.

I am a third generation white settler, of German and English descent. I live and work by the Birrarung, on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people.

My access needs are time to communicate, zoom when appropriate and power wheelchair access when not. These needs may cost more, but it’s my life.


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