With over 12,000 views on YouTube this film was made in response to my son asking to watch a video created by a colleague, a compilation of ethical embodied erotic photography, and my inner questioning of what I wanted to teach and share with my son about sex, intimacy and love as he enters puberty. This was an experiment in capturing sensuality and intimacy beyond labels, gender or race.

Ilsa Fay


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Ilsa Fay is an award-winning film maker, women’s business coach, creative director, and Founder of EROTICA Film Festival and EROS University.

Ilsa works with feminine led businesses ready to up-level their relationship to money, business and visibility.

Born in the potent lands of Byron Bay she has been drawn towards exploring magic, sexuality and consciousness since she was a child. Raised with a deep love of learning and belief in the energetic and subtle realms as well as the material world, Ilsa continues to blaze as a leader in authentic erotic integration.

Ilsa’s events and creations are founded in Art, Beauty & Love and emerged through the Feminine Mysteries. She loves to create spaces that evoke, awaken, provoke and penetrate the veils of humanity while simultaneously walking the world as a mother, coach and creative.

You can also check out her podcast: Sex, Money & Power podcast

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