Varsha Panikar

Presenter at EROTICA Film + Online Festival


Saturday 12th June @ 4pm AEDT / 11:30am IST



Saturday 12th June @ 4pm AEDT / 11:30am IST

We will talk about Varsha’s experience as a non-binary qpoc person, experience with collaborating and making erotica and how this redefines, reclaims and represents an ever changing erotica culture, especial in India, where sexuality, sex and desire is still looked at with shame to a great extent. We’ll also speak a little about safe performance practices/workshops that ensure safety and consent on set while shooting intimate scenes. 

45min interview with Q&A – book your festival pass here

About Varsha:

Varsha Panikar (they/them) is a qpoc, non-binary writer, filmmaker, mixed-media and voice artist based out of India. Regardless of the medium, they like to do a bit of everything from branded advertising, independent audio-visual films, writing fiction and non-fiction to delving into the sphere of art, poetry, photography and performance. Drawing inspiration from dreams, memories, magic realism, human behaviour and the innate need to understand the pattern’s of one’s existence, their themes range from slice of life, identity and gender, mental health, horror and erotica to the dichotomy of darkness and light, and seeks to redefine, reclaim and represent evolving perspectives and narratives through experimentation, re-imagination and collaboration. 

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